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Aiming to solve a problem many of us share

If you drink any type of warm beverage, you must know that first sip feeling: The perfect taste, texture, and temperature. The problem is, that it only lasts for a couple of sips, as warm beverages cool down really fast. For contrast, the optimal temperature for coffee is between 70°C (155°F) - 80°C (175°F). And it only takes about 10 minutes for it to go from 70°C to 45°C at room temperature. Well, that is simply not enough time to enjoy your cup! Think about employees who are attending back-to-back meetings, students who are trying to finish assignments, or even worse, parents who are dealing with their kids.

  • photo of matcha coffee warmer coaster

    Afternoon matcha

    Your constant struggles of forgetting to take a sip of coffee and having to reheat it in the microwave are long gone.

  • green retro coaster mug warmer

    5 o'clock tea

    You`ll never have to re-heat your tea ever again! Simply adjust the stylus for your desired temperature, preset the time and NEVER worry about your drink getting cold again.

  • pink and purple retro coaster cup warmer

    Candle, Baby Bottle, Food

    Also usable as a candle warmer with automatic turn on/off, RetroCoaster cup warmer is truly multi-functional.


Features and Specifications

Insulation and Spill-Prevention Technology

The heating plate in our cup warmer coasters adopts a sealed-insulation technology to prevent spills and splashes.

PTC Fast Heating Technology

The intelligent temperature sensor of the retro coaster controls the temperature, and makes the heating efficient and safe.

3 Temperature Settings

Our mug warmer coasters are adjustable! Choose the perfect temperature for your beverage with the touch of a button.

4 Timer Settings

Preset the Retro Coaster™ mug warmer to turn off after 2h/4h/6h/8h.

all color options of the coffee cup warmer retro coaster

Simply the best heated coasters

Our coasters don't have any competition when it comes to the combination of design, functionality and durability. Some people use it as a daily coffee warmer coaster, where some people pair it up with a retro coffee mug to build the dream team. Either way, this is the best cup coaster you can find on the market!

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